Tuomas Rounakari: Shamanviolin (2009)


The first solo album from Tuomas Rounakari is nearly sold out in physical copies. The last copies are available at the Korpiklaani webshop. Digital album is still available at CDBaby.

Shamanviolin arose out of wax-cylinder recordings, collected by Finnish linguist Kai Donner in his incredible travels across Siberia between 1912 and 1914. These wax-cylinders include rare songs sung by real shamans from the Ob and Yenisei-river districts. By studying these songs Tuomas Rounakari found a way back to playing in a trance state; an experience he had had in his early childhood. The album includes original songs as well as arrangements of archived materials for violin, stomping and vocal sounds, all simultaneously performed.

Korpiklaani: Kulkija (2018)

As violinist, composer and arranger

Available at Korpiklaani webshop or Nuclear Blast

Including 14  tracks, Kulkija is Korpiklaani’s longest album, but also their most natural sounding one, to date. The mastering skills of renowned engineer Svante Forsbäck (RAMMSTEIN a.o.), who already worked with the band on »Live at Masters of Rock« (2017), gave the record its unique sound. “This record is so easy to listen to and interesting all the time, the balance is simply perfect,” he states. “We’ve never been as satisfied with a final result as we are with »Kulkija«,” confirms Jonne. From the first to the last tone, a unique atmosphere guides the listeners through a long journey.

The array of songs in Kulkija is the most versatile in Korpiklaani’s history with many unexpected turns from a child choir to a glimpse of tango. Some noteworthy tracks are Kotikonnut, Aallon alla, the video song Harmaja and the instrumental Pellervoinen written by the fiddler Tuomas Rounakari.

Korpiklaani: Live at Masters of Rock (2017)

As violinist and performer

140 mins of 100% pure rock`n`roll! The first live bluray by the Finnish folk metal superstars

KORPIKLAANI: The Folk Metal Superstars have captured and immortalised the ravenous power of their live shows – on their first ever live Blu-ray/DVD+2CD package titled »Live at Masters of Rock« including two full shows from the epic Czech festival Masters of Rock in 2016 and 2014.

Korpiklaani: Noita (2015)

As a violinist and arranger.

In May 2015, the energetic workaholics that make up KORPIKLAANI return with their ninth studio album »Noita«, which promises to get you dancing on feet, banging your fists and most importantly, having a good time. It will also be the first album to feature new accordion player Sami Perttula, who has had a remarkable influence on the traditional folk arrangements, along with Fiddler Tuomas Rounakari, making a perfect balance between Folk and Metal as frontman Jonne always envisioned.

Noita includes tracks Man with a plan and Lempo that have both exceeded 6M Spotify streams. The track Minä näen vedessä neidon includes one of the most rock’n roll violin solos to this day!

Korpiklaani: Manala (2012)

as a violinist and arranger

One and a half years after the release of their last album, Korpiklaani returns to take us on a fascinating trip to netherworld. Together with new band member Tuomas Rounakari, who is all set to impress the listener with his amazing fiddling skills, KORPIKLAANI proudly present “Manala” – the 8th studio album of their career. `Manala´ is the realm of the dead – the underworld in Finnish mythology. This place is best known for its appearance in the Finnish national epic Kalevala, on which many of Korpiklaani’s songs are based.

Manala includes such live-show classics as Ruumiinmulta and Rauta as well as a Spotify hit Ievan Polkka with over 12M streams.


Äänellä itketty (2012)

As a Producer

Äänellä itketty is a collection of modern laments from Finland. The CD features nine different lamenting artist and their unique laments. It is a kaleidoscope into the themes of grief in todays Finland. The performers are from different generations and the topics include anxiety from ecological losses to mothers worry when a son is moving out from home. There is also one lament in Carelian language about the loss of home and evacuation during the WWII.

Simo Saari: Muistoissa (2009)

As an arranger and violinist

Simo Saari was a passionate amateur opera singer with a strong tenor voice. For this album he chose his dearest songs from the most popular melodies in Finland, ranging from folk songs such as On suuri sun ranta autius to hymns like Kanteleeni. Tuomas Rounakari wrote all the arrangements for these 14 songs for a string quartet, piano and double bass.

The F-Train: Fairytales (1996)

As a composer, arranger and violinist

The F-train Fairytales EP is the very first release from Tuomas Rounakari featuring one of the top saxophone players from Finland Jari Perkiömäki. The EP includes a jazz arrangement of Adam Khatchaturians Sabre Dance and two original songs.